Проф. д-р Александар Цветковски

Assoc.Prof. Aleksandar Cvetkovski, PhD (DSc. in Chemistry)

Контакт / Contact email: aleksandar.cvetkovski@ugd.edu.mk

PhD (DSc.) Structural, Computational & Physical Chemistry, Ferrara University, Italy (2015)

Thesis title "Molecular cocrystals of pharmaceutical relevance"

MSc. Pharmaceutical Sci.,specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology, Belgrade University, Serbia, 2002

Thesis title "Preformulation Study on the Pseudopolymorph forms of Carbamazepin and Influence of beta-Cyclodextrin on the Phase Transition”

BSc.Pharmacy (Mag Pharm), State University Ss “Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, R. Macedonia, 1995

Scope of research: Crystallographic study on non-covalent molecular interactions (Moleculra recognitions) in multicomponent systems relevant of life sci. applications (pharmaceuticals, food, agrochemicals, food-supplementations, personal-health care products, drug-delivery systems, drug-receptor & drug-enzyme interactions). Screening techniques for growing single crystalline phases with quality for single-XRD for structure determination and application of Mechanochemistry for optimizing the scalable production of multicomponent bulk solids. Design of Multidrug cocrystals for development fixed-doses pharmaceutical formulations. Formulations development for drug delivery systems of small molecular size API, macromolecular (biological) APIs.

Факултет за медицински науки / Faculty of medical sciences

Катедра за фармацевтска технологија и социјална фармација / Department of Pharmaceutical Technology & Social Pharmacy

Канцеларија бр 5, Кампус 3, Cabinet no. 5, Campus 3

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