Emilija Potevska is an acclaimed Macedonian concert pianist and the youngest associate professor in her native country. Born in a musical family (her mother is also a musician), Potevska’s talent shone through from a young age and it was quite clear that this charismatic young lady was destined to become a musician. During her bachelor degree, Ms.Potevska had the privilege to study under renowned experts such as Aquiles Delle Vigne, Boris Romanov, William Howard, Arbo Valdma and Rita Kinka to name but a few.

She recently completed her doctoral studies in piano performance with the highest score in her class. Internationally active, this young pianist has participated in the “Mozarteum Summer Academy” in Salzburg, Austria and “Dartington Academy” in Devon – UK. She also holds an IGSCE studies certificate from the University of Cambridge and has acquired a Teacher Accreditation for the British music program.

Ms.Potevska’s concert career has been very eclectic to date. Her distinctive performance style, combined with her unusual repertoire, often mixing modern composers from her homeland with the work of the Romantics, Emilija is a true cultural ambassador for Macedonia, promoting the distinct music style of the region.

Her career highlights include a Concert for piano and orchestra, Soloist with the West Coast Symphony orchestra - Vancouver, Canada, Poulenc piano concerto in Skopje, Macedonia, Solo recital at “MC Gallery” New York and “Teatro Marcello” Rome. Solo recitals at “Wiener Hall” and “Theater Hall Orff Institute” Salzburg, Austria, works of Beethoven, Liszt, and Brahms, Solo recital at “Mirbach Palace”, works of Hayden, Schubert, Mozart, and Beethoven in Bratislava, Recital for piano and oboe – Devonia concert series, works ofSchumann, Lalliet, Buzarovski, Stojkov, Lutoslawski in London and a recital for piano and oboe – Gdansk Music Festival 2012, works of Schumann, Lalliet, Buzarovski, Stojkov, Lutoslawski in Gdansk, Poland.

Ms.Potevska is a recipient of numerous awards and accolades both in her home country and abroad, including winning the International Young Musician competition “Citta di Barletta” in Barletta, Italy, where she won the first prize and gold medal in the Piano 4 hands category, first prizes in the Chopin competition and  J.S. Bach competition in Skopje and first prize at the International piano competition “Interfest” in Bitola, Macedonia.

Emilija has also represented Macedonia as a member of the world leadership network “Global bridges” as a young cultural leader and has been honored with the certificate of successful completion of the advanced leadership training and a certificate of leader in the area of culture and arts by the President of the Republic of Macedonia HE Gorgje Ivanov.